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Personal Vision

Selecting my best minimalism art from beginning untill now.Here is a part of what i’m doing right now.Every single frame is a part of minimalism art.

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Minimal Black & White

Shoot Fine Art … with a mechanical bearing!

Sometimes,the idea come in the situation we didn’t expect.Now, i want to create a fine art with everyday objects into potential subjects.

Mechanical bearing is pretty boring as a subject in general,because i’m looking it everyday at my workplace.So,I tried to challenge myself to take picture more interesting and created my own unique piece of work.


The idea comes when i shoot the bearing with my iPhone camera.Actually, built-in camera of phone, can create an idea before you want to shoot with your DSLR.Rules number one, shoot with different angle to get the best as i want.


I tried several ways to rotate the bearing.Because i’m at a low light environments, a slow shutter was detected by iPhone camera.Which I shoot the bearing at the end of the frame and try another angle.Well, i’m not happy with the first shoot.I don’t think so!




Last shot, the idea finally was reveal and I find exciting way.I used a LED torchlight to create a shadow from subject.Then, as I get closer, you see an interesting patterns that reflected on the paper, also the shadows created by light source adds to the patterns which changed as I angled the bearing in different positions.


So,I decided to shoot with my DSLR for better result.My setup is very simple,a white paper 25″ x 35″ inch was create as a background,a iPhone application call “iLight”.That it!!!!….how simple right??

I used prime lens of 30mm f/14.A small aperture of f/11 was selected to maximize depth-of-field and sharpen the subject.As always,shoot with different style,angle and adjustment to get a better result.

After all,I do some treatment with very simple photoshop technique.Make sure you shoot RAW so you can adjust the white balance at the post-processing stage.As my image are very monotone anyway,I also go with another look,by losing the color completely and going sepia instead.For me,this conversion will give your abstract an ever better looks.Cropping and Rotate            180′ degree of image will at more dramatic looks.



Whatever lighting fall off to bearing surface will create shadow and reflection at the same time.The pattern will change as i angle the bearing and lighting in different positions.

A cheese grater can produce some ideal subjects.Go beyond looking at the object for what it is and look closely at the detail and shape instead.You’ll see it’s much more interesting than you thought.Use your imagination to reveal it.

Using the shadow as a part of minimalism concept





Weekly Photo Challenge:Today

After i read new post by weekly photo challenge. I quickly grab my iPhone and find a things around me that can make a potential photo…hmmm…how about this one…a machine filter…hmmm…why not..!!!


So,this is final image that i snap today.I snap with a lot of different angle but for me it is the best,i think…so,how about you guys…


Menara Condong Teluk Intan

Salah satu dari tarikan utama pelancong ke Teluk Intan ialah Menara Condong Teluk Intan. Menara ini telah dibina oleh arkitek cina En. Leong Choon Cheong dan berfungsi sebagai tangki simpanan air untuk bekalan penduduk sekitar disamping berfungsi sebagai jam.

Pada masa ini menara ini tidak lagi berfungsi sebagai tangki simpanan air namun jam tersebut masih lagi berfungsi dan akan berbunyi setiap 15 minit. Kawasan sekitar menara telah diturap dengan bata dan dijadikan sebagai plaza untuk pelbagai aktiviti di samada aktiviti rasmi atau tidak rasmi.

Jalan di tengah-tengah Bandar Teluk Intan telah dinamakan sebagai Jalan Ah Cheong sempena memperingati sumbangan En. Leong Choon Cheong yang telah membina menara tersebut. 

Close-up shot with iPhone


Capture a close up image with iPhone using magnifying glass.


The image that i captured using magnifying glass.It’s really fun for me.You should tyr it..!!!

10 step guide to superb minimalism photography

1.Understand minimalism

2.keep it simple


4.complimentary color

5.strong line

6.getting all touchy feely

7.keep your eye open


9.tell the story

10.get creative

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